Wayout's Incendiary "Rash" x Ch Oakwood's n Shalimar's Legally Blonde PT HTAD3c, HTAD2s, OTDs HRD3s "Reese"

Rash x Reese Pedigree

Rash Pennhip 0.27/0.32, Elbows Clear by CT, PRCD-PRA, PLL, RCD4 Clear, BAER Normal

Reese Pennhip 0.73/0.74, OFA Hips- mod, OFA Elbows Normal, PRCD-PRA carrier, PLL Clear, RCD4 carrier, Cystinura clear, Degenerative Myelopathy clear, BAER Normal

Updated photos and videos of this litter will be posted as they come available. All puppies have gone to their new homes.

Fizz and Bud watching sheep. Bud lives in Kansas and will help his owner with his custom grazing operation when he grows up. Bud will come back here to be started in his training.


Riley is in Tennessee with Melody Tillman and she will help manage her small farm of sheep and occasionally cattle.



Zoe lives in Seattle and is an active hiking buddy and will do some herding/trialing with her owner.




Every once in a while, if one is lucky, a dog comes along that is so much more than the sum of her parts - a dog that is a real partner, that not only works with her human teammate but pulls her forward and together they become a true working team. It seems as if anything the human asks for, the dog will do and the dog knows the human will support and back the dog as the dog supports and backs the human. 
Reese is such a dog. A natural working dog with a strong desire to control the heads, she is an honest worker who will do her best every day. She shows a moderate amount of eye for an ACD and, while she will bite heads or heels, she strongly prefers the heads. Any livestock that think they will challenge or face her soon discover their mistake, yet she is gentle with lambs and adjusts her intensity to what is appropriate for the stock. She never forgets to keep an eye on any troublemakers and is calm and confident in her approach. She was easily shaped to have an impressively big outrun and works wide comfortably. 
The goal of breeding is to preserve and build good working dogs. A talented dog should not be wasted so Reese has been bred to Rash. Rash is a dog from Wayout ACDs who is tightly linebred on the working Kuawarri bloodlines. He is a very biddable, keen dog with an intense sense of balance. He will also bite both head and heel, again preferring the heads, and has a generally calm demeanor around cattle that gains their respect without starting fights. He loves a good hug after a job well done and muddy pawprints just have to be accepted as part of the package. 
Rash comes from a line that has been prepotent for strong hips with three generations of Pennhip behind him and more generations of OFA behind that. Rash, himself, is in the top 10% of tightest hips in the breed with the Pennhip method.